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7 Day Prayer Miracle By Amanda Ross: How the Miracle Prayer of Daniel Will Save You.

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle by Amanda Ross changed her life. It can change your life too.

After Amanda was saved through the intervention of Archangel Michael, she learned the truth about miracle praying. She said "Sometimes all it takes, is just ONE PRAYER to change everything..."  Are you ready for a change in your prayer life, so you can know that you are praying in the exact way Christ intended?

Learn how you can pray in a way that will surely save you from 

a life of frustration and heartache....


7 day prayer miracle archangel michael

Troubles and Temptations Can Weigh Us Down

praying in times of trouble

Have you ever felt like this?  Are your prayers not reaching heaven and giving you the answers you need and want?

Do you wish there was a miracle prayer out there that you could say to feel closer to God and even reach your archangel?

Would you like a life that is free from all these pressing problems:

  • The fear of unpaid bills mounting up and no idea how to get on top of your finances?
  • The strain of unfulfilling relationships with no end to the pain in sight?
  • The unending assault of fear, anxiety and depression brought on by all the problems 'out there' and there seems to be no way to protect yourself from their onslaught?

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review by Amanda Ross Is the Better Way

Watch this short video and discover Archangel Michael's Miracle Prayer that will save you too!

Click CONTINUE to learn more about Amanda's story and how the Archangel Michael's miracle prayer saved her.

What Is the Best Prayer for a Miracle?

This prayer of Daniel found in  the Bible book of Daniel tells the story of this miracle prayer that helps us pray in the way that brings heaven to earth and God's blessings pouring down upon us.

These words of Jesus had always confused me because I did not know what Jesus meant and exactly how I was supposed to pray. Jesus said in Matthew 6:7-8,

7 "And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him." (NIV used with permission)

If Jesus has an issue with words and too many words, how then do I pray? As a pastor I was trained in seminary to use the words and certain words in the formal prayers and liturgy of the church. I'd always wondered about praying that caught the attention of God. Well, now when I investigated this program of Amanda's, I discovered how exactly to pray to get results.

Amanda Ross author of 7 Day Prayer Miracle gives a clear message and proof that this miracle prayer program really works.

The Archangel Michael 4 Sentence Prayer

archangel Michael Miracle prayer of Daniel

When you pray are you more worried about getting the words correct or do you pray with the deep intentions and feelings of your heart? The Archangel Michael, God's messenger brought a clear message of help on how to pray for a miracle.

I believe this is what Jesus meant when he blasted the pagans and hypocrites for drowning the prayer time with too many words and no feelings of need and praise.

Check Out "The 7 Day Prayer Miracle"

7 day prayer miracle
7 day prayer miracle guarantee

Learn the secret Bible prayer that Daniel prayed and others used to gain confident access to God and His angels.

7 day prayer miracle archangel michael manifest miracles

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7 Day Prayer Miracle By Amanda Ross
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7 Day Prayer Miracle By Amanda Ross
7 Day Prayer Miracle by Amanda Ross. Learn how the Miracle Prayer of Daniel Will Save You. Clergy review of 7 Day Miracle program.
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