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What Makes Connect With Your Angel Unique

If there is one word to describe you it would be: (Createsearchonate) Creative, Searching for answers, and Passionate.

But, if there is one word to describe your current situation it would be: Confused.

Connect With Your Angel helps you make that life changing and positive connection with your personal and up close guardian angel as you seek to clarify your life purpose and feel God’s comforting and loving presence.

Connect With Your Angel clears away all the confusion created by the many opinions and false teachings that try to trick you into believing that they are the only ones who hold the keys to angel connections and angle awareness.

At Connect With Your Angel we believe:

  • You are created by God for a special purpose and plan and that by connecting with your guardian angel you finally know why you are here in this life and how best to journey down your chosen path.
  • There is a creative, personal and loving presence at the core of creation and centered deep within your soul.
  • You and every human have one or more guardian angels that personally look after you, guide you, protect you, and strengthen you in times of peril and pain.

What Rev. Bill's Customers Say...


This was an amazing book written in a very simple manner but loaded with practical ways to discern God's will fir for your life, how to stay in God's will and how to make any changes at any point you feel you have veered off. A MUST read. There is too much at stake if you operate in your own understanding, relationships suffer, you miss opportunities and your spiritual growth suffers. This book far exceeded my expectations and is a true blessing.


Reverend Bill McBride has fantastically conveyed the need to understand the simplicity of prayer by asking Jesus what we need and believing He will do the best thing for us. Teaching your child to pray at a young age is an excellent way to help them grow closer to Jesus and develop an enduring relationship with God - you too will cultivate an enduring relationship with your child!


Encouraging read! The book was easy to understand and informative. Perfect for one seeking greater understanding from God, by God and through God.


Great product! As described. Highly recommend.


If you're finding yourself at crossroads, and wondering where to turn to at your current point in life... you'll probably find that this book by Reverend McBride will shine some light, and help guide you in the right direction through the help of God

My Journey

Let me tell you a little bit about my story and why I am so passionate about my blog.

I’ve been listening for angels all my life.  My life began many years ago, as my mother told me the story of my birth, with a near death experience; mine not hers.

As mom told me so many times, I was supposed to be born the end of February, but I guess I didn’t want to wait, so I came into the world without a whimper or a cry one week before Christmas.

I was so tiny, barely 2 pounds that I could not even cry for nearly a month after I was born. So that night when I came into the world it was a silent night.

I believe that God’s archangels, the “Big 7” I like to call them, come to aid us and help us in our most critical and needy moments.  God is always watching over us and leading us and protecting us.  

Every human also has a Guardian Angel, I believe given to them at birth that walks and whispers to them constantly, helping them make the best decision and journey down the path of personal fulfillment and joy.

Quite often, when we need really big help quickly, God sends His archangels to do a job and get us through the really tough moments.


The night of my birth was for me one of those critical times. Being born at just 2 pounds and 2 + months early in 1950, long before neonatal intensive care units were invented was certainly a critical time of need for me. So on my first night in the world I was greeted by my angel and given extra care by an archangel.

I was too young to know it back then, but mom told me that the nurse who was caring for me saw how delicate I was and she quickly baptized me in a basin of water just to make sure.

My pastor, a staunch Lutheran soul was summoned to come to the hospital quickly. He was told that the nurse had already baptized me because she thought I might die right then and there before he could show up.

My pastor being a serious sort of Reverend gave her a piece of his clerical mind, then he took hold of me and baptized me again.  Imagine that, 2 baptisms in one night. I believe both heaven and earth were part of a miracle that December night.

In fact, speaking of miracles, my mom and I were crossing a busy road right next to my elementary school about ten years later and we met the doctor who delivered me coming across the street toward us.

He and mom with me in tow stopped right in the middle of the road He took one good look at me, smiled and said to my mom, “So here is my miracle baby. Looks like you made it just fine. Good for you.”

From that moment on, I have cherished that title and held it close to my heart and soul; “miracle baby” hmmm? I wondered for years what that might mean for my life.

Along with that moment of wonder my mom kept telling me many times throughout my growing up years that God must have a special plan for my life to rescue me that night and take care of me over those first few crucial months.  She told me on many occasions, “Bill, God has a special plan for your life.”

And so I have been listening for and listening to the angels for all my years as I sought to understand why God would send his special angelic helpers to that hospital room just for me that cold winter night in December 1950. My life goal has been to help others get to know God personally and use the tools God has given the world, like angel helpers, to grow closer to Him.

And now today many years later, I am a Reverend too, not so serious and grouchy as the pastor at my baptism back then, but just as dedicated and eager to help folks just like you discover and connect to their angels every day.

I honestly hope with all my heart that you will also hear the angels whisper to you. God gives angels to his children. All God asks is that we approach God with an open mind, as we seek to hear them, connect with them, be guided by them and grow always, so we will live as better people because of God's angelic beings.

My life-long goal and career as a pastor has been dedicated to helping others learn more about God, feel closer to God and develop that intimate personal connection with God’s special team of angels. I continue my passion with this blog.

Your Journey Too

Hearing and knowing your guardian angel can make all the difference in your life and most definitely give you a “future filled with hope,” (Jeremiah 29 (The Bible). It has done so for me and it will for you too.

My Journey


Raphael Heals Me -"Miracle Baby Born"


Faith Journey Awakens & Grows


Ordained a Pastor & Begins Church Ministry


Begin Authoring Spiritual Faith Books


Raphael Speaks and Gives My Enhanced Mission


Commence Online Angel  Blogging,  Teaching & Coaching

Meet Your Angel Whisperer

Reverend Bill McBride has been a believer in angels since a young child when his mother told him the story of his miraculous birth. 

Throughout his growing up years Bill has been on a personal mission to understand God's plan for his life and how he can help other faith seekers like himself grow in their closeness to God and feel the caring presence of the angels.

In 1973 after graduating from the university Rev. Bill received his calling after a time of prayer. He then started his formal graduate seminary training. He graduated from seminary in 1977 receiving his Masters of Divinity degree and entered full time parish ministry.

He has served faithfully in the church for 45 years preaching, teaching and guiding others along the Christian path.

Rev. Bill has written over 40 books for the Amazon digital marketplace in many areas of Christian faith and development.

Rev. Bill brings skills in online course creation, video production, writing, publishing and storytelling. Since 2017 Rev. Bill has been an avid blogger.

Rev. Bill continues his journey into deeper angel discovery and connection and seeks to help others grow in their understanding of and connection to God's tools for human endeavor; God's guardian angles, God's written and living story in scripture and sacred texts.

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