Angel Azrael and Novel Coronavirus Pandemic Deaths

Angel Azrael and Novel Coronavirus Pandemic Deaths

You may have wondered about the Angel Azrael novel coronavirus pandemic deaths. How does Archangel Azrael can bring comfort and light? 

During this time of increasing worry and fear about the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, we are facing increasing threats from this pandemic for our personal health and safety.

How can the Archangels and Angel Azrael bring us hope and assurance to replace our fears of sickness, loss and death?


We Need Help From God and Angel Azrael

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God in the Holy Word, the Christian Bible promises to come to us and lift us up in times of need.  "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." -Matthew 11:29 New International Verson

God's angels are God's messengers who give us words of hope and promise. They bring to our minds the powerful words from God.

Archangel Azrael is know as the angel of death in Catholic and Orthodox Christianity, and in Islam.

Conquer your loneliness even in times of challenge and doubt. Let Archangels speak to you today.

As the Archangel Gabriel announced the Good news of the Savior's birth to the world, God still delivers us from our fears of loss and death in times like these.

Azrael the angel from heaven is the one assigned by God for times like these when death rolls on around the world.

How Archangel Azrael Brings Comfort and Light

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The Hebrew name "Azrael" translates "Angel of God" or "Hope from God." This angel is also known by legend and the writings of ancient stories as the "Angel of Death."

Don't be confused by this role that this angel messenger plays for God's people. Because his role is not as bad as you think. 

Remember, the name Azrael means "hope frm God."

Archangel Azrael is the Angel of Comfort and Light sometimes know as the Angel of Death, but there is nothing to fear from Azrael as he is kind, gentle and loving.

We wrongly think that death is the absolute end of the road for the human life. But our faith teaches us that death is not the dark end but rather a doorway to eternity and life. Death is a new beginning.

Some faith tradtions even teach that after we die we get to choose when and how we return (reincarnation) to work out our "karma" and grow toward greater perfection.

Archangel Azrael appears to the soul at the last breath of physical life and provides the transition to heavenly realms and the new beginning.

Azrael the archangel has taken one of the most difficult charges of all the Archangels. He is charged with comforting and counseling all those dealing with loss, sadness or depression in their lives. 

Azrael plays a crucial role in the health and sanity of the world, especially in times of loss.

If you feel afraid by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 and maybe someone you know has died from the pandemic, then pray to Azrael for comfort, light and hope.

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Archangel Azrael's message is not like that of the customary image of the grim reaper on TV, who bestows death, darkenss and fear upon the innocent and guilty of this world.

Rather, Azrael heals our grief by helping us know that a loved one who has died is now being ushered by Archangel Azrael into a new beginnng. For this angel Azrael has the power of new beginnings and new life and he bridges the gap between physical life and spiritual life.

Angel Azrael Helps Us Duirng Times of Loss and Death

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As the coronavirus pandemic death toll worldwide rises and for many has brought death one step closer to home than ever before, we have the hope from this angel messenger of God that while death creeps onward and upward around us, God has the pwer and the special heavenly angel to lead us into the light of a new day.

The COVID-19 Pandemic can not stop the angels from helping, protecting and guiding God's children. God has assigned an angel for every conditon and challenge that life brings, even that death brings our way. This is the work of Angel Azrael and Novel Coronavirus Pandemic Deaths today.


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The color associated with this Archangel is creamy white, a light shade of vanilla. The archangel angel Azrael symbols representing his energy.

They are stars, butterflies, feathers and the heavenly sky.

Archangel Azrael the angel of death is the beautiful answer to the suffering and death this pandemic death toll COVID 19 has brught near to all of us.

Angel Azrael is a grief counselor archangel. He is also a patron angel of the clergy. He ensures that the person about to die makes peace with God and the people he/she leaves behind are given support in the best way possible to pass through the tough times they are facing after a loved one has passed.

This is Good News for our times of uncertainty.

What Does Archangel Azrael Do: Deeper Thoughts

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In the world of archangels, Azrael the angel of death and new life assists and quiets the minds of people who are facing a crisis of dying or the death of a loved one. He has the powers of universal healing that people need when they suffer a loss.

Azrael’s main work is to help individuals transform human life into spiritual life. His main responsibility is to help make sure the process is less painful as possible and less effort is required for a person to transform from the human to the spiritual world.

People, after they die, return to the spiritual life. It is the Archangel Azrael’s duty, assigned by God to help the dead adjust to the new world of eternity.

My Prayer For You Duirng This Time of Uncertainty

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I pray that this post about Angel Azrael and Novel Coronavirus Pandemic Deaths: How Archangel Azrael Brings Comfort and Light has helped you find strength and hope for you and your loved ones in this tme of anxiety, adversity and uncertainty.

Seek God's light and love especially duirng these days of fear, anxiety and for many the loss of a loved one.

Right now as I write this post our world is torn by the novel corona virus COVID 19 pandemic.

Death seems to be creeping closer to us and affecting everyone more personally than ever before.

For most of us infection and fears of death from the panedmic are only 2 steps or 2 persons removed from our front doors so to speak.

While death is always a part of physical living, we most often try to avoid thinking and talkkng abou it. 

Death and dying brings us to our knees and causes us to feel at a loss with our emotions on the edge. Our thinking gets fogged over and we may feel like giving up ourselves.

Azrael the Archangel can come to you when you open your mind and heart and bring you light, hope and a spark of renewed life.

But now when death comes near, we have come face to face with our mortal lives because of this pandemic and the importance of keeping our souls and minds walking in the light of God's loving grace and eternal gift of spiritual renewal.

When you pray to God for help and strength you can also speak to Azrael the Archangel of light and hope and ask for strength and living hope for times such as this.

Speak to the angels and to God's helper the Archangel Azrael for they are your friends and guides from high places.

In the Holy Word of God, the Bible people spoke with God's messengers the angels as they came to them with signs and wonders of the pesence of God.

You can speak with the angels too.

Blessings, light and love to you today.

Angel Azrael and Novel Coronavirus Pandemic Deaths
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Angel Azrael and Novel Coronavirus Pandemic Deaths
During this time of increasing worry and fear about the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, we are facing increasing threats from this pandemic for our personal health and safety. You may have wondered about angel Azrael and novel coronavirus pandemic deaths lately and how Archangel Azrael can bring comfort and light to you.
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