7 day prayer miracle

7 Day Prayer Miracle By Amanda Ross: How the Miracle Prayer of Daniel Will Save You.

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle by Amanda Ross changed her life. It can change your life too.

After Amanda was saved through the intervention of Archangel Michael, she learned the truth about miracle praying. She said "Sometimes all it takes, is just ONE PRAYER to change everything..."  Are you ready for a change in your prayer life, so you can know that you are praying in the exact way Christ intended?

Learn how you can pray in a way that will surely save you from 

a life of frustration and heartache....

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Angel Azrael and Novel Coronavirus Pandemic Deaths

Angel Azrael and Novel Coronavirus Pandemic Deaths

You may have wondered about the Angel Azrael novel coronavirus pandemic deaths. How does Archangel Azrael can bring comfort and light? 

During this time of increasing worry and fear about the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, we are facing increasing threats from this pandemic for our personal health and safety.

How can the Archangels and Angel Azrael bring us hope and assurance to replace our fears of sickness, loss and death?

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Monthly Angel Card Reading For July 2020

Today's Angel Card Reading Is A Guidance For The Month Ahead: 

Hello fellow Angel believers. My name is Gavi Shanti and I am thrilled to provide this  Angel card reading and message for you today.

This month's Angel card message is a very personal one for everyone seeing this reading. It deals with looking after ourselves and practicing self care in difficult times.

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angels signs and symbols

Angel Signs and Symbols: How Angels Speak To You

"When times are tough, as they certainly are for all peoples in all places, we often find ourselves distracted from our faith and beliefs. It is times like these to look for the angels signs and symbols and how angels speak to you.

"The problems of the world and our own survival often consume our daily thoughts, making it difficult to draw on the power and love of the creator and our loving companions the Angels." (Guest Post) -Gavi Shanti,

  Discover how you can keep connected to your angels starting today...

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archangel uriel

Facts About The Archangel Uriel

The Archangel Uriel, sometimes spelled Ureil according to teachings, is given two very important roles by God for  humanity. God's heavenly messenger Uriel brings light to dark times and peace to lonely experiences. Do you need some light and peace today? Keep reading and learn important facts about the archangel uriel..

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Healing Prayer to Archangel Raphael: Pandemic Covid-19

Due to the ongoing problems around the world, please join me in a healing prayer to archangel Raphael: Pandemic Covid-19. May God send His healing angel messengers.

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Who Is Archangel Gabriel?

Wondering who is archangel Gabriel? Most people have. He (or some even believe she) is a strong angel figure and an archangel who does a lot of announcing and proclaiming. Gabriel throughout history shares a great deal of important information with God's people about God's plans.

Let's dig into this important figure, who plays a key role in the major religions of Abraham; those being the Hebrew, Christian and Muslim faiths.

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archangel michael in the bible

Who Is Archangel Michael in the Bible?

Michael is one of the better-known archangels talked about in the Bible. In fact, you might say that Michael is the most famous of all the archangels. Do you know what the Bible says about archangel Michael?  Let's find out now...

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are guardian angels biblical

Are Guardian Angels Biblical? Three Reasons God Sends Angels to Instantly Help You

Does the Bible talk about angels? Is there proof in the Bible for angels coming to earth? Check the answers to "Are Guardian Angels Biblical?" in our latest article.

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angel visitations

Angel Visitations Guardian Angel Story My Miracle Birth Angel

Are Angel Visitations for real? Do we have a Guardian Angel?  Do you have a Guardian angel story? How do we find our Guardian Angel?  Great questions.

Stay tuned for these answers and my personal angel miracle birth story.

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