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Grab your copy of the just updated 2nd edition of "Angel Questions, Angel Answers" by The Reverend Bill McBride.

Your Angel Questions Are Important - Your Angel Answers Are Crucial

Newly updated 2nd Edition of the widely popular angel book.

  • You will feel greater peace of mind knowing the answers to your questions.
  • You will find someone who really understands your angel questions.
  • This special edition report will allow you to get closer to God through your angel guardian.

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The Reverend Bill McBride

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Steven J.

"If you're finding yourself at crossroads, and wondering where to turn to at your current point in life... you'll probably find that Reverend McBride will shine some light, and help guide you in the right direction through the help of God. The good Reverend shares some age old wisdom through scriptures, and his own life experience on life's meaning & God's will for you. Like me, I'm sure many will find him quite eye opening.

Y. Williams

A MUST read. There is to much at stake if you operate in your own understanding, relationships suffer, you miss opportunities and your spiritual growth suffers. This book far exceeded my expectations and is a true blessing.