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Angel Signs and Symbols: How Angels Speak To You

"When times are tough, as they certainly are for all peoples in all places, we often find ourselves distracted from our faith and beliefs. It is times like these to look for the angels signs and symbols and how angels speak to you.

"The problems of the world and our own survival often consume our daily thoughts, making it difficult to draw on the power and love of the creator and our loving companions the Angels." (Guest Post) -Gavi Shanti,

  Discover how you can keep connected to your angels starting today...


Have you ever felt lately that you are the only one who is struggling with your faith? I know I have at times, especially during this pandemic, which is continuing as I write this post.

The immense challenges and difficulties of our time in all places, seems to seek to drag us away from the very source of light and love we really need. Therefore, have you been looking for angel signs and symbols and how the angles speak to you?

Ever felt like this? Sure, we have.

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How to find out who your guardian angel is

We may feel far distant from God and our spiritual source of strength and comfort these days and we sometimes get caught up in that trap of anxiety, fear and loneliness.

I felt like this a time or two over the past 120+ days of my isolation. You would think spending this much time at home would give me even more opportunities to stay even closer to God?

Honestly now, it does give us more time, but we also have more stress, strains, tensions, fear, and doubt than perhaps ever before.

And unfortunately, the dark stuff seems to be winning and we even might feel like we are sinking into a deep dark hole with no way of escape.

I am writing to you today to offer you some hope and a few ways for you to find those important tangible signs and symbols of the angels to remind you that your God is very near to you right now.

Remember what Jesus said in the Christian Holy Book, the Bible in Matthew 28, "I am with you always even to the end of the age." Comforting words for us these days right?

Angel Signs and Symbols: How the Angels Speak to You

SIGN #1 Look Upward into the Sky

what do guardian angels do when we sleep

It helps to look up when we feel like we are falling. Looking up into the sky can fill us with the expanse and beauty of the heavens, the sun and the clouds paint creative pictures in the sky for us above.

As the early teachings of scripture recorded the angels descended from on high, God's heavenly messengers came down to the earth to bring Good News of great joy to all God's people.

Now, I believe that God is not just "up there" in the sky somewhere and that the presence of God is within each of us as Jesus taught in his first sermon. -Luke 17:21 New Century Version.

Still I find it helpful to look up and beyond and draw my attention to greater and even eternal things.

This helps me keep my worries in perspective and to look eagerly for the angel signs and symbols.

Angel Signs and Symbols: How the Angels Speak to You


Archangel Raphael healing

"Look and see, look and see, find the angels around you. The angels speak but do we hear, find the angels around you." -anon

The verse came to my mind just now. There are evidences of God and His angels all around us all the time, but do we see, hear, and feel them.

And I would doubt that any of us believe that there is no air to breathe around us. But you cannot see it or taste it. The same is true of God's angels.

Remember again what the writer of the Bible book of Hebrews said in Chapter 11..."Now faith the is conviction of things not seen."

Take 5 minutes each day especially when you feel dark and lonely and cast your eyes, your heart, and your ears outward around you and ask God to give you a sign of his helpers nearby.

Then trust and believe and find the evidence of the angels; look for the signs and symbols of angels near.

Angel Signs and Symbols: How the Angels Speak to You


reverend bill mcbride

If you've seen my photo, I almost always wear a Christian cross to remind me and give witness to the world of my faith and obedience to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and Spiritual Guide.

I also wear or hang on my office wall a necklace with angel wings to remind me daily of my Guardian Angel and Archangel Raphael.

And I suggest you do likewise. Just a suggestion. I think you'll agree with me that in dark and worrisome times we need steady reminders of our source for faith, hope and love.

These symbols are just that, symbols that represent something and someone far greater and more powerful than any darkness, disease, doubt or fear I may let creep into my life.

The beauty of God is that God gives us the total freedom to choose what we will hold onto and nurture in our hearts.

Will it be faith or fear, will it be hurt or healing, will it be power or peril, will it be angels and Christ or emptiness and despair.

I don't know about you, but I choose life and all its fullness of joy and beauty, even in the darkest of times there is always the rainbow of hope and promise for our Creator.

I have decided for this time of need in our world and for just a time like this to reopen my "Angel Store" and give you first look at all my angel symbols.

Because that's where my angel cross, I wear came from. If you are looking for a refreshed reminds and symbol for your life and faith, then check it out.

My Angel Store Reopened For Your Angel Supplies

angel store 1
angel store 2

We have covered three ways that you can use for angels signs and symbols and how the angels speak to you. I hope this helps you in daily life and especially in the challenging times you face.

Check out my reopened Angel Store for hepful angel symbols.

Angel Signs and Symbols: How Angels Speak To You
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Angel Signs and Symbols: How Angels Speak To You
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