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Are Angel Visitations for real? Do we have a Guardian Angel?  Do you have a Guardian angel story? How do we find our Guardian Angel?  Great questions.

Stay tuned for these answers and my personal angel miracle birth story.


I’m Rev. Will the creator, author, clergy and authority behind

Angel Visitations

I’ve been looking for evidence of and listening to my guardian angel for 45 years. I've wondered about angel visitations for as long as I can remember.

I earned a master’s degree in theology and a bachelor’s degree in psychology and guided, taught and led thousands of faithful followers of God in the church and online around the globe. Through my writings, videos and my online ministries on Facebook, YouTube, social media, and my blogs I’ve pursued spiritual things and angel experiences.

Guardian Angel Story

I want to share my angel story with you in hopes that it might help you in your search for your angel messenger visitation and God’s close presence in your life. Also in my story you may be able to find your story about God’s angels, his heavenly messengers sent just for you.

My angel story actually began on the day of my birth many, many years ago.
I came to know and believe my angel story, not through any first-hand experience because at my birth I was just too young and too little to understand and even think about angels, let alone get to know my guardian angel.

My Miracle Birth

I owe my angel story to my mother a woman of deep faith, the medical team at the hospital that delivered me, to my pastor who baptized me a 2nd time and to my Guardian Angel whom I’ve come to know and love and depend on over these years.
I believe they all played a role in my life, both literally and spiritually from the moment I took my first tiny breath.

You see, the story actually began as my mother told me that I was supposed to be born sometime around the end of the month of February, but I guess I had other plans and I came into this world in December nearly 2/12 months early.

In our world of high tech medicine and neonatal intensive care, a premature baby stands a good chance of surviving and living a long life.

But I was born a long time before today’s tech stuff, way back in 1950 and the only extra support tech they had for me was an incubator pumping 100% Oxygen into my little lungs.

My mom told me many years after my birth that when I was born I weighed only 2# 2 oz and my lungs were barely developed. I couldn’t cry and could just barely breathe. In fact, my mom said I was purple colored when I came out.

My Angel Helper

I really needed some special help that first night and now after all these years of learning, growing and discovering deeper spiritual things I believe I had all the help, both medical and angelic that I’d ever need.

My mom said that a few moments after my birth the nurse in charge grabbed me, seeing I was purple and holding onto life by a slender thread and she poured a basin of water and right there baptized me, being I was born in a good Lutheran hospital.
That was baptism number one. Hold on though it gets better.

guardian angel story

The hospital quickly called my pastor and he rushed over to the hospital and baptized me a 2nd time. Now my mom chuckled many a time when she told that just before he did the 2nd baptism he sternly scolded the nurse for doing his work.

I guess he thought I needed two baptisms; perhaps a sign of things to come for this little purple 2# 2 oz baby boy.


God's Special Plan

As I grew up healthy and strong my mom kept reminding me all through my school years that God must have something really special in store for me since I survived that birth and came out so well.

She’d keep telling me this story of God and me and for many many years, I didn’t think much about it.

The Miracle Baby

Another chapter of my angel story happened one bright and sunny afternoon as my mom and I were walking up our street toward my elementary school. We were crossing the busy street in front of the school when I saw this old man slowly walking toward us. 

Then out of the blue he stopped us in the middle of the street, he took a long hard look at me, he had this smile on his face and twinkle in his eyes. He recognized my mom who I thought he knew because she had become a registered nurse in the same hospital.

But his attention and stare settled on me and with that smile, I will always remember he said to me, “There you are, my miracle baby.” Think about that statement for just a minute. A long-time medical doctor steeped in medicine and science calling someone he delivered a miracle baby. If there was ever a spiritual faith connection made it was from him to me that day.

Well as the years went on I kept all these memories close in my mind. I began to ask myself what does all of this mean for my life? Does God have a plan for me? Why would a Doctor give witness to a miracle?

I had so many questions and not a whole lot of answers.

What exactly happened that night I was born that helped me not only survive my birth but thrive and grow?

My Angel Story Is Completed

The final piece of my puzzle or my awakening happened about ten years ago.
I was living way north of my hometown. But I began to search out a way to uncover God’s plan for my life and the answer to my deepest whys?

One day when I was back visiting in my hometown I looked up and made an appointment at a spiritual guidance place, where the staff was trained and equipped to act as spiritual channels for God's messages.

My Guardian Angel's Name Uncovered

In a visit, the staff person told me plainly that I had a guardian angel since my birth and my guardian angel’s name was Rafael.

Since that time the many isolated chapters of my life began to fit together into a strong story of my faith and God’s calling for my life.

I didn’t investigate Raphael much at that time, but I did talk to him and seek a message from God through him. I also grew more relaxed feeling protected by Raphael and grew in my believing that God sends us heavenly messengers to guide us, teach us and help us along the way.

I began to blog seriously about angels and began to see why having Raphael as a guardian angel made real sense for me.

Raphael is the archangel of healing. God sends Raphael to aid humanity when there is a serious and special need for God’s healing power to come upon a person for a purpose and a plan.

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"'It is God who heals', 'God Heals', 'God, Please Heal'; Raphael is an archangel responsible for healing in the traditions of most Abrahamic religions." (from

Now it all makes sense and rings true for me. My mother's stories, the doctor witness in the middle of the road, my two baptisms and feeling called for the past 45 years to lead folks on their spiritual journeys.

Finally knowing and believing that it was God’s angel Raphael, the healer, who intervened at my birth and help heal me when I needed him the most.

This is my angel story. Angel visitations are real if you give yourself a chance to believe and search for answers.

I hope my miracle birth angel story helps you believe in your angel, trust your angel and do everything you can to stay close to God’s heavenly messengers.

And this is why I gave birth to my blog

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Angel Visitations Guardian Angel Stories: My Miracle Birth
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Angel Visitations Guardian Angel Stories: My Miracle Birth
This is my personal angel story. How I uncovered the story of my birth and how I saw my guardian angel's healing presence at my birth.
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