angels assigned at birth

Angels Assigned At Birth: Stories About Guardian Angels

Are Angels Assigned at Birth? 

There are many stories in the media and nowadays on social media about God’s angels. Perhaps you have heard about the many stories about these angels of God? Some even call them God’s heavenly messengers.


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Do you still remember how you opened yourself to the idea that guardian angels are real? And you heard stories as a child about having a guardian angel who watched over you?

Maybe even as a youngster you woke up at night and saw an angel sitting at the end of your bed looking after you as you slept?

Stories and Facts About Guardian Angels

Do you still remember you thought  that guardian angels are real? And you listened intently to stories as a child about having a guardian angel who watched over you?

You may have heard about them when you were still young. And your parents told you about how better life can become if you would grow up to be a good boy or good girl. Because God and His Guardian angels will be smiling on you if you do so.

Do you realize that this tactic is one of the more popular ways for parents to tell their children to behave? This has worked wonders for many people. It worked those who would eventually believe in these spiritual beings' work and purpose in our lives.

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Good and Bad Angels

angels assigned birth

Have you seen as a child a cartoon of a making a hard choice? Sitting on their shoulders was a good angel and a bad angel. They whispered in the child's ear? 

As kids, we believed that angels influence us either for good deeds or bad behaviors.  

But we just naturally thought there must be angels. We wondered if there were angels sitting on our shoulders talking to us when we had a decision to make.

The manner in which your knowledge of and awareness of angels came to you will affect how you perceive angels and how you will define them as you grow older and become more mature. 

Angel Guides

Here are some of the ways in which angels were and still are introduced to people's consciousness.

1. Mainstream films and TV shows. This medium is accessed by millions of  people every minute of every day. For this reason, media has the power to change people's beliefs and influence them in ways they did not think possible before. Through time, angels have been portrayed in various stories in the media. 

There are stories that portray them to be the soul of someone dear to the protagonist that chose to be their guardian when they are already in spirits form.

2. If you love reading books, you may have already read about facts based on research about angels. There are also many books that tackle how angels touched people's lives. 

You will gather a lot of people's experiences and personal testimonies, especially those that have experienced tragic loss or near death accidents and fatal mishaps. 

It is believed by many that angels will be greatly felt once a person is facing deep trouble and they feel like they don't have anyone to turn to.

Personal Angelic Beings

However you may have been informed about this topic, there are certain facts that remain to be consistent with all the hearsays and stories that have been growing about angelic beings and heavenly visitors. For one, these spiritual beings are assigned by God to each person to serve as their guide and protector.

There are those that say that each has many angels that are protecting them. And there are those that claim that an angel or angels serve as a guardian to many people.

It is also believed that angles are not limited by earthly laws of physics and space and time. Angels can easily appear in more than one place and guide more than one person at the same time.

The fact that you are open about the idea of guardian angels is already something that you must be proud about and a faithful believer in. You can even share this with your children and grandchildren to let them be aware that angels do exist.

Are angels assigned at birth? If you are a believer the answer is an easy yes. If you are skeptical that is okay too. Perhaps this article and even stories in media and other people’s personal testimonies can help you also believe.

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Angels Assigned At Birth: Stories About Guardian Angels
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Angels Assigned At Birth: Stories About Guardian Angels
Are angels assigned at birth? There are many stories in the TV media and on social media that talk about God’s angels. Some also teach we get birth angels
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