How to Soar With Your Life Even in Troubled Times

Isn't it time you lifted yourself above all the misery, stress and anxiety of this challenging time?


  • How to Better Perceive and Understand Your Experiences so you can create a more satisfying future?
  • How to Rely on the Archangels for Help to Better Understanding Yourself?
  • How to Summon Help From the Archangels When You Need it the Most?

Here's Your Answer & Your Hope!

Presenting.....Ascend With Your Angel, Archangel Guidebook

How To Find Guidance From the Archangels

In this training you will learn:
1. The best way to ask an angel and archangel for help.
2. How to understand the messages that come to you from the angels.
That you can believe in yourself no matter what your past.

ascend archangel guidebook

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Angel Stories

Your short and inspiring report of evidences of angels encountering folks a d giving them a guiding hand.

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." (v. 2)
One summer a farmer named Worthy Taylor hired a young man by the name of Jim to work the farm. Jim had many chores to perform each day. He had to milk the cows and chop the wood. Even though he ate with the family in the farmhouse he slept in the hayloft of the barn......

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angel power for living

Empowered By the Angels

A beautiful power story of one person who was made powerful by the angels.

OUR LESSON THIS MORNING IS ABOUT A MAN WHO FELT TOO INADEQUATE TO BE A PROPHET FOR GOD. He saw himself as one without any special skills or abilities. He questioned if he had the stamina for the task
to which he was called. Fearing for his life, he even hid. His name was Elijah.

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What They Say about the Author

"I really enjoyed reading this short read. Although it is short, I took my time to clearly understand what I was reading so that I can hopefully improve my relationship with God as well as strengthen my skills for listening, obeying, trusting, etc.

The experience this Reverend has is used to help us that are seeking to better understand God's Will or to better understand the importance of a close spiritual relationship with God, so the we can better identify God's will when it presents in and around us.""

Julie Foucher

"If you're finding yourself at crossroads, and wondering where to turn to at your current point in life... you'll probably find that this book by Reverend McBride will shine some light, and help guide you in the right direction through the help of God.

Tobias Hardy

No Time to Wait! Get Started Lifting Yourself Above the Daily Grind and Anxiety of our time.

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About the Author

Rev. Bill McBride

Reverend Bill has been guided, protected and led by the angels his whole life. His guardian angel brought him into this world and safely healed his weakened frame. After years of struggle, doubt and searching Rev. Bill saw the light and answered the angel call into his chosen place of service.

Rev. Bill has written, taught and led thousands of angel seekers throughout the world over the past 45 years.

His latest set of works helps those who feel weighed down by the worries and issues of life, especially in this pandemic crisis which began in early 2020.  

His angel blog "Connect With Your Angel" is designed to do just as its name says; help the seeker make that life-changing connection with the angels and discover an eternal purpose and God's plan for their life.

I pray you are lifted and empowered by my angel writings.

Rev. Bill

ascend archangel guidebook


"Ascend With Your Angel -  Archangel Guidebook"


"Angel Stories"


"Empowered By the Angels" 


Instructions on the Thank you page and in a special email sent to you after purchase.

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