are angels messengers to children too?

Are angels real, and if they are… are angels messengers from God?

are angels msssengers of god?

Summary: God’s Messengers: Angels Guide and Protect

Reverend Bill McBride has been curious about the world since a young age. His inquisitive nature was demonstrated when he was four years old and filled his father’s car petrol tank with stones! (He thought that was what the petrol fill hole was for!)

One night, his father took him outside and pointed out a comet in the night sky. This sparked his lifelong interest in heavenly things.

Reverend McBride has been aware of the angels around him ever since.

With the help of his mother’s resolute faith, Reverend McBride came to understand that it was not him that was chasing after angels! Rather the angels were chasing after him.

Pastor Bill also came to understand that God had a special plan for his life. He knows he is blessed every day with the presence of angels as a gift from his creator.

Reverend Bill McBride, a pastor, teacher, guide, and Angel Whisperer shares his story in his latest video: God’s Messengers: Angels Guide and Protect. He wants to help people grow closer to God and receive guidance, protection, and love from their guardian angels.

He believes that God is within every human heart and mind and is giving us His Angel Messengers and guides to stay connected with Him.

Are Angels Messengers Of God?- Reverend McBride Most Definitely Believes They Are!

Reverend McBride encourages people to be still and know that God is there. To feel filled with light and love in difficult times.

The main goal of this enlightening video is to help others understand and connect to God’s angels. Pastor Bill wants people to experience the joy of the angels and feel God’s presence within them.

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