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Angels in Religions: Angels in Different Cultures and Religious Expressions

What do the three major world's religions, Christianity, the Hebrew faith and Muslim faith have to say about angels? Are angels and religion compatible? Let us look at angels in different cultures and religions.

Thank you for joining me, this is Reverend Bill McBride from 

Did you know the existence of angels have long been debated, but in different scriptures of many different religions, angels have always been mentioned? 

Let's uncover what the three main religious expressions tell us about angels.

God's messengers, the angel messengers are commonly identified to be the bringer's of the news or the messages of God.  And in fact, the Greek word for angel is "Angelos", which means messenger.

Angel and Archangel existence has been first recorded ever since The Greek and Mesopotamian civilizations.

 As legend and stories tell us, these winged creatures, we're no longer messengers. They became protectors and guardians of humans. From this history we begin to hear about "Guardian Angels."

It is believed that angels protected people when danger or death came near and they guided and guarded humans to avoid dangers, that might harm or move a person away from the path that God has chosen for them.

The goal of angels is to communicate God's purpose and plan for humanity.

Now, while it is believed that angels do all of these things for humans, we all have free will to either listen and follow or to go our own way without connecting ourselves in deeper ways with God in helpful ways.

Angels have been known, described, and named in different ways in different religions, but even so, they seem to be unified in one thought, that is that angels existed to enrich the spirituality in the lives of people.

Angels exist and come into the world to communicate God's message and God's will for all people,

Let's talk about the Christian faith expression of angels. For Christians, their belief in angels that they've been created by God before creating the universe and humanity.

Angels are messengers that act on matters that are very important for spirituality, like announcing the birth of Christ to Mary and the resurrection of Jesus Christ at the tomb.

They serve as guardians, protectors, and helpers of God. Angels would frequently appear in human form to the faithful.

Unlike what is commonly known, angels are not cute little baby characters with wings.

But according to the Christian bible angels during the annunciation of Mary were described by the shepherds as adults.

While on Christ's tomb, the women met two men and they informed them of the resurrection of Christ.

The two men at the tomb were angels and they are often bathed with light and it makes it difficult to look at them directly and to define their exact features.

There are also some Christian traditions that site, that we are assigned an angel on specific occasions, like at our baptism or even when we are born.

Let's talk about the faith of the Muslims, the Islam faith. Muslims also believe in angels.

Actually, they have archangels that they believe in. Archangel Gabriel has thought in the faith of the Muslims to have delivered the message of the Koran to Mohammed.

Archangel Michael is said to be responsible for rain, thunder, and rewards given to the faithful people, the followers of Mohammed on earth.

Archangel Raphael is responsible to announce the arrival of judgment day and the Angel of death separates the body and the soul at the time of death and ushers the faithful into the holy place.

The Mormons, Later Day Saints, accept that angels are for real. Angels are here to be messengers and at the same time make sure that the work of the Lord is followed and implemented on Earth.

Angels are prominently mentioned in the doctrine and the covenants of the Mormon faith, which play a major role in the construction of the belief of the Latter Day Saints.

Latter Day Saints also believe that angels are actually participating in the daily tasks of the faithful.

They are not only supernatural beings who appear from time to time, but they exist along with the people.

In the Hindu faith, Hindus take what cannot be seen as being a very serious and important matter.

They believe that every tree or river crossing is a home for spirits. In India they have what we call would call diva or divata, that they are referred to as the shining ones by locals.

Hindu scriptures say that there are about 33 million divas in existence. For Hindus, the divinity and the spirituality behind these angels are ultimately more important than the angels themselves. They would believe that divas are only manifestations of a higher and the supreme being.

And let's talk about Judaism.  The same as in the Christian faith, the Hebrew teachings describe angels to be the messengers of God.

Not only are they messengers, but also the implementers of God's will for God's faithful people.

All angels owe their existence to God since they were created by God. Their appearance is not necessarily like a human being. They can assume likeness to humans, but the Hebrew faith teaches that they are still divine.

The Jewish faith also teaches that angels can sit, walk, speak Hebrew and fly. The Hebrew Bible frequently mentions the angels in its books.

Now, I hope this video has helped you to understand a bit more about the various faith expressions and what they believe about angels.

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