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What Do Guardian Angels Do When We Sleep? Do Angels Protect Us?

What do Guardian angels do when we sleep? Do we know what God's messengers do when we close our eyes and sleep? Do angels get tired and sleep too? Have you ever wondered if the angel guardians protect us, especially when we are sleeping and not really paying attention to our spiritual needs and faith expressions?

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when god sends you an angel-FEATURED IMAGE

When God Sends You An Angel: Does God Have A Message For Me?

When God sends you an angel, is God trying to say something to you? Does the Bible speak the truth about angels? What is God saying to you through the angels?

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What are angels made of

What Are Angels Made Of: Truth Or Opinion About Angels?

What are angels made of is a question many folks ask. I believe since we are physical beings, with our five senses, taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing we naturally like angels to be just like us.

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angel messenger healer guide

How To Contact My Guardian Angel: An Angel Prayer

How To Contact My Guardian Angel is as easy as talking with a friend. You talk to your angel in prayer and listen to your angel speak and give you signs.

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Manifestation Magic Review And Recommendations

Manifestation Magic Review And Recommendations. Don’t even think of buying this......until you read this review. There is no magic except in you.

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angels assigned at birth

Angels Assigned At Birth: Stories About Guardian Angels

Are Angels Assigned at Birth? 

There are many stories in the media and nowadays on social media about God’s angels. Perhaps you have heard about the many stories about these angels of God? Some even call them God’s heavenly messengers.

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How to talk to your guardian angels

How To Talk To Your Guardian Angels: 3 Steps For Angel Connections

How to talk to your guardian angels is not difficult or complicated. Guardian Angels are sent to earth by God to deliver messages of hope, guidance and even warnings.

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How to find out who your guardian angel is

How To Find Out Who Your Guardian Angel Is: Questions and Answers

Ready to discover how to find out who your guardian angel is? Looking for angel answers? Claim your FREE Guide and discover your angel answers to your angel questions. This guide will help you connect with your angel helper.

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the seven archangels and their jobs

The Seven Archangels and Their Jobs: Understanding The Angels

Let's think about the seven archangels and their jobs.  They all have names and interesting jobs in the heavenly and earthly places.

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what does my guardian angel say to me

What Is My Guardian Angel Trying To Tell Me: 6 Amazing Facts

Have you asked yourself, "What is my guardian angel trying to tell me? Many people may not be aware of this,  but there are amazing facts about angels.

The Bible gives accounts of angels, as heavenly beings interacting to and giving messages to humanity no less than 300 times- all the way from Genesis to Revelation.

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