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How To Contact My Guardian Angel: An Angel Prayer

How To Contact My Guardian Angel is as easy as talking with a friend. You talk to your angel in prayer and listen to your angel speak and give you signs.


Contact My Guardian Angel With An angel Prayer

This video will give you a simple yet effective prayer to contact your heavenly messenger.

Contacting your guardian angel is not as hard you might think.  Just like we contact God through our prayers, we contact our angels by praying.

And praying is simply having a talk with a friend.  Think of yourself having a nice cup of coffee at a coffee place.

You have met your best friend there, and you get your coffee and start to talk.

Contacting your guardian angel is done in the same way as the way you chat at the coffee shop with your best friend. You listen and you talk. You talk and you listen.

Your intention is to get caught up with your friend with what has been happening in their life since you last met.


Here are some steps you can take to contact your guardian angel.

  1. Be grounded and focused.
  2. Be relaxed, sit in a comfortable chair and pray at a time when you will not be disturbed. ...
  3. Breathe. Breathe from your belly if you are able to - this way you can focus on the breathing and relaxation will come easier. ...​
  4. Visualize.
  5. Relax and meditate. ...
  6. Pause. ...
  7. Thank. ...

Think Like This

"My guardian angel wants to chat with me."  Understand that God has given you a guardian angel so God can give you his guidance, messages and even warnings about what to look out for.

Every person of every faith has a guardian angel. Their purpose here on earth is to help us, guide us, and to link us to Heaven's energy and inspiration. It makes sense then that your guardian angel wants to chat with you and is anxiously waiting for you to ask for a chat with her or him.

Control your mind, focus on positive thoughts and the good angels, and feel happy about praying to them. Ask God to help you and protect you from evil and he will. Believe it! Feel good, think positively.

It is Good to Say Your Angel's Name.

Get personal and up close with your angel. Remember they only want what is good and helpful for you. If you don't know your angel by name, now might be a good time to ask them. They will tell you.

I would suggest that you remember that your main prayers of praise and asking for help should always go first to God, directly to God. But when you sense a good result or an active and healing presence in your life you can say thanks to your guardian angel for looking out for your best interests.

Praying Means Listening Too

Remember too that when you have a chat with a friend you not only talk but you hopefully listen well to what they say to you. Sometimes your best prayers and contact with your guardian angel is to really listen for God's messages coming through your angels.

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How To Contact My Guardian Angel
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How To Contact My Guardian Angel
How To Contact My Guardian Angel is as easy as talking with a friend. You talk to your angel in prayer and listen to your angel speak and give you signs.
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