In this ‘How To Pray To My Guardian Angel” guide we will explore the idea of guardian angels. You will also discover the many benefits of praying to them. 

We’ll also offer tips and strategies for connecting with your guardian angel and share with you a sweet prayer that you can learn and use in your daily prayer practice.

Has A Guardian Angel Touched Your Life?

Do you feel like a guardian angel watches over you? Perhaps you sense their presence during difficult times or when you feel lost or alone. 

Many cultures and belief systems recognize the concept of guardian angels. They are seen as spiritual beings who offer guidance, protection, and support.  Often the easiest way to connect with your angel is through prayer.

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What is a Guardian Angel?

Guardian Angels are spiritual entities who offer protection and guidance to human beings. 

The idea of guardian angels is supported by many cultures and religions. These include Christianity Judaism, Islam, and Sikhism which recognize their existence in their holy teachings.

Some people believe that everyone has a guardian angel assigned to them from birth.  Others view guardian angels as more fluid and adaptable beings.

While there is no ‘scientific’ proof of their existence, there are stories in history and in the many religious texts describing angels and their many miracles.

Guardian angels bring comfort and joy to many peoples around the world. Believing in guardian angels provides a sense of reassurance and support during difficult times. It also provides a great sense of connection to the Divine.

The Purpose of Praying to a Guardian Angel

A sincere prayer to your guardian angel is extremely powerful! Pray to seek guidance, comfort, or protection. 

Connecting with your guardian angel can help you feel a sense of belonging to something larger than yourself. It certainly can provide a sense of peace during trying times. Very often prayers are sent to seek guidance, comfort, or protection.

4 Main Benefits Of Praying To Your Angel

Some of the many benefits of praying to your guardian angel may include:


When you ask your guardian angel for guidance it can help you make difficult decisions and find direction in your life.


Praying to your guardian angel can help you feel safe and protected from harm.


If you talk to your guardian angel during times of sadness or grief you will feel comforted and understood.


Learning how to pray to your guardian angel can help you feel calm and centered, even in the midst of chaos and confusion.

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Learning “How to Pray to My Guardian Angel”

Your prayers to your angel don’t have to be complicated or formal. 

Here are 3 simple ways to create your own personal practice:

1. Find a Quiet and Peaceful Place

The place where you pray should be quiet and peaceful.

You could use a corner of your bedroom or a quiet park bench. Even a secluded spot in your backyard will work!

Alternatively, you could dedicate an area in your home to prayer and meditation. 

Having a space dedicated to your devotions is really helpful. It creates a spiritual vibration that will build over time. This will help you connect with your angel more quickly.

2. Connecting with Your Guardian Angel

Before you begin your prayer, take a few moments to focus and center yourself.

Try deep breathing, meditation, visualization, or reading spiritual texts. Whatever strategy you use, take the time to center your thoughts and focus your mind.

3. Express Your Intentions

Make your intentions clear when you pray to your guardian angel. What exactly do you want your angel to do? 

Write down your requests before you pray. Say them out loud. Make sure you can articulate them clearly.

Pray Using A Simple Angelic Prayer

One way to focus your intentions when praying to your guardian angel is to use a simple prayer. 

Here is a  gentle prayer that you might like to use in your daily practice:

Dear Guardian Angel,

Please hear my humble prayer.

Watch over me as I go through the day, lend your guiding care.

Guide me away from danger, darkness, and fear,

Please stay close and always be near.

Fill my heart with your loving light,

And keep me peaceful and calm throughout the night.

May your gentle whispers of comfort and hope,

Lead me through my struggles and help me cope.

Thank you, dear Guardian Angel, for being my friend and guide,

Please watch over me always, through life's bumpy ride.


After you’ve finished your prayer, take a few moments to express your thankfulness that your angel is with you.

Always remember to say thank you at the end of your prayer. 

You could even keep a daily gratitude journal. Use it to list the things that you’re thankful for in your life.

How To Talk To My Guardian Angel: The Big Picture

Praying to your guardian angel can bring big benefits. These include increased feelings of peace, guidance, comfort, and joy. 

Your guardian angel is always with you. You can turn to him or her for support whenever you need it. 

May the guidance in this article together with the simple prayer help you feel the presence of your guardian angel and offer you solace in difficult times.

PS: Even if you are not sure whether you believe in guardian angels, simply taking the time to quiet your mind and focus your thoughts can be a helpful way to find clarity and direction!

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