How to talk to your guardian angels

How To Talk To Your Guardian Angels: 3 Steps For Angel Connections

How to talk to your guardian angels is not difficult or complicated. Guardian Angels are sent to earth by God to deliver messages of hope, guidance and even warnings.


It stands to reason that God’s angelic beings would want to speak with us and listen to us all the time. This is there job, as assigned by God to talk with us and guide us.

The best way to connect with your angels is to follow these 3 simple steps to angel connections.

Not only do they communicate with God, but angels also communicate with humans.  Actually, some would believe that everybody has their own angels.

Christian teachings indicate that God gives an angel guardian to every child at birth. The Muslim faith teaches that two angel beings are given to every one, one to go in front and one to follow behind. 

Have you wondered, is it really possible to talk and communicate with angels? Some would say that angels communicate with humans through mental telepathy and do not usually uses words to say what they would like to say.  Rather than this, you must believe these beings do communicate.

A lot of people are testifying to angelic encounters and conversations.  And at the same time writing down their encounters so that people would also understand the supernatural being’s role with humans..  

Many testify that talking to angels actually helps them deal with challenges in their life.  

They would also feel that they have been protected from bodily harm and hear guiding words from their angels. Angels do this for people so the same harm doesn’t happen to them again.

How do you start talking to them? Likewise, how do you hear angels speak their messages to you?

Use these 3 simple steps;




Step 1 – Say a Prayer to God About Angels

how to talk to your angels

The spiritual side of life grows through a ritual of talking with God. We "pray" directly to the Creator. We do not pray to the angels. Therefore we do talk with them.

The Bible tells us to “Pray without ceasing.” -1 Thessalonian 5:16. And the Bible also assures us by saying “The effectual fervent prayer of a faithful person accomplishes much.” – James 5:15.

Prayer is simply talking with and listening to God. Talk to God and ask God for an angelic experience. Ask God to reveal the name of your guardian angels or angel.

Tell God you want to know and talk with your angel. God’s heavenly beings will come to you. As a result, you must first open the door and invite them in.


Step 2 – Repeat Angel Affirmations To Yourself

how to talk to your guardian angels

To talk with your angels and develop your personal angelic connections you need to “affirm” that you are worthy and ready to receive the Guardian Angels blessings and presence.

In your spare moments each day affirm to yourself that you are open to the existence of angels.  When you wait in line at the checkout stand, say to yourself;

“I attract angels to me.”

“I am constantly supported by my angels.”

“I call on the angles anytime I need help.”

Step 3 – Picture Angels With You At Night

how to talk to your angels

The last step in talking to your guardian angels is at night when you go to bed, as soon as you close your eyes and before you go to sleep, picture yourself talking with and listening to your angles. This is called imagination.

By doing this you are opening your mind and heart to possible encounters with God’s spiritual helpers and messengers.

Now, talking to angels is two-way street. Just as you talk and listen to and with your friends, so also do you do this with God’s angels.

Always remember that your guardian angels will speak to you in many ways; mental pictures, in your dreams, with visible signs in your everyday world and even in a touch or a whisper.

We have to have faith.  Faith is very difficult to hold onto at times.  It is also something challenged in today’s world and culture.  Faith is actually believing in things we do not yet see. It is the only way to see unseen things and make our dreams come true.

With the improvement of science and technology, people seem to be doubtful of the divine and angelic encounters.  

But just because people doubt this does not make angels less real.

Aside from meditation; prayer, affirmations and imagination are an effective way of getting in touch with your angels and with God.

I hope this article has helped you understand more about how to talk to your guardian angels.

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How To Talk To Your Guardian Angels: 3 Steps For Angel Connections
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How To Talk To Your Guardian Angels: 3 Steps For Angel Connections
How to talk to your guardian angels is not difficult or complicated. Follow the 3 simple steps to connect with your guardian angels.
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