Monthly Angel Card Reading For July 2020

Today's Angel Card Reading Is A Guidance For The Month Ahead: 

Hello fellow Angel believers. My name is Gavi Shanti and I am thrilled to provide this  Angel card reading and message for you today.

This month's Angel card message is a very personal one for everyone seeing this reading. It deals with looking after ourselves and practicing self care in difficult times.


The card drawn for this month after careful meditation was "Aruzite - Deep Emotional Healing" It is based around the focus of deep inner healing and the powerful healing crystal associated with this is Azurite.

(Acknowledgement: The deck of Angel cards used for this reading is from Doreen Virtue. The pack is titled"Crystal Angel Oracle Cards. Artwork is by Marius Michael-George)

importance of taking care of yourself in hard times

An Introduction To The Theme Of This Month's Angel Reading:

Without a doubt this year has been one of the most trying times any of us can remember. Lets just think about some of the deep and often hurtful challenges we all have been facing in one form or the other:

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1. Covid19:

Not only have we had to worry about getting sick ourselves but we have to worry about the health and safety of our loved ones. We have also had to endure lock-downs, loss of employment, loss of personal freedoms, worries about our future,and those of our children and so much more. While we understand these are necessary consequences to gain contolr of the virus, this has still caused a great deal of pain and stress for many of us.

2. The Economy :

Along with the stress of Covid we are all under financial strain of some sort. Many have lost their jobs, many more retirees have lost their regular incomes. Business owners have lost the business ventures and the outlook for the future is very unknown as the virus is now re-surging

economy and worry about money

3. Protests and Civil Unrest

This year has seen much unrest due to the long standing struggles of the minority communities both is the USA and overseas. Injustice and inequality continue to simmer in our communities and this problem is certainly no where near resolved at the time of this post.

4. Polarized Politics:

No matter which side of the aisle you vote on it is fair to say that the political front in many countries this year is unsettled and very polarized. This has the effect of unsettling communities around the word.

5. Difficulty in Concentrating On Our Faith and Beliefs.

When times are tough, as they certainly are for all peoples in all places, often we find ourselves distracted from our faith and beliefs. The problems of the world and our own survival often consume our daily thoughts, making it difficult to draw on the power and love of the creator and our loving companions the Angels.

difficult to concentrate on our faith

What The Angels Want Us To Know About The Coming Month

Here is what the Angels whisperered to me as I meditated on this card:
It is important to always remember that when things seem at their worst you are never, ever alone.

The Angels are always with you and as close as your nearest breath to guard, guide and protect you.

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Know that you are loved and dear to the One who created you.

Although the outer world seems chaotic and out of your control, remember that your true self, your inner being is always serene and happy. It is you duty therefore to connect back into that peace and do your very best to be the peaceful soul you truly are.

There are three main ways to look after your physical, emotional and spiritual needs during this pivotal month of July. These things may seem very simple but they are very important nontheless. They are:

3 things the angels say about taking care

1. Focus on what your physical body is telling you.

Common discomforts during the last few month include lack of rest, unsettled mind, unsettling thoughts and physical illness.

 It is ok to look after yourself at this time and you should not think that taking care of your own personal needs is selfish. After all, if you do not take care of yourself how can you possibly love and care for others to your full potential?

Try and eat good food, make sure you sleep adequately and get some daily exercise , even if it is just a short walk.

2.Take a check on your inner thinking. 

How are you coping?

Are you finding yourself overly angry, upset or resentful? Perhaps you are feeling down , depressed and a little hopeless?

It is not surprising if you do.These are the direct result of real worldly problems and the negative vibration in the world at this moment in time.

Make sure your seek medical assistance and guidance if these symptoms persist.

Also embrace the sunshine, look for the good in things and know that there is always a rainbow after every storm.

embrace your spirituality

3.Embrace your spirituality. 

One of the most important things you can do right now is pray and meditate asking for a healing, loving and light filled world.

Make use of the crystal 'azurite' during this month if possible. Hold it with you and place over your heart and brow as you meditate and pray

Never lose sight of the fact that you are a child of God, loved and blessed by his creation. The Angels are around you and with you at all times BUT you need to make the time to love and connect with them

July 2020 is a time for deep and loving inner healing. A time for self reflection and for looking after your own personal needs. This does not mean you forget to care others, but it certainly does mean that you must not neglect yourself.

A Prayer To Use During July 2020

As always my Angel Whisperers suggest a prayer to use to embrace the vibration for the month.

I will share it with you below  to use if you choose, during this time of concentration of inner self care and love.

pray to the angels for grace and love

A Prayer For Grace In This Month

Beloved Creator

May You and your Angels of Light be with me in this time of deep challenges.

Help me to take care of my personal needs and to understand that I need to keep myself healthy and strong so that I may help others.

Help me feel your presence as I go through my days. Let me be a light to others as our paths cross.

Bless me with strength, courage and forbearance.

Help my faith in you strengthen and deepen. Help me to meditate and to pray so that I feel you and the presence of the Angels with me always.

May I be Light and Love

Amen /Shanti /OM

This marks the end of this conversation and meditation.

A Note About The Crystal Azurite:

azurite deep healing crystal

Just by looking at the color of this crystal you can see that this is a deeply spiritual stone. With its deep blue and violet color, azurite is perfect for deep meditation and healing. It is also very beneficial for activating the third eye chakra.

Azurite is used in the spirituality to help enhance wisdom and assist with inner healing and creativity. Make sure that you wash your crystal when you first acquire it and hold it whilst meditating to make the most from its beautiful energies.

May Divine Peace Be With You Always,

With Love,

Gavi Shanti
July 1, 2020

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