the seven archangels and their jobs

The Seven Archangels and Their Jobs: Understanding The Angels

Let's think about the seven archangels and their jobs.  They all have names and interesting jobs in the heavenly and earthly places.


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The Seven Archangels and Their Jobs As Assigned By God

“Calling upon the angels when we are in need, helps the angels fulfill their heavenly mission. We are truly co-creators with them.” ~ Eileen Anglin

In the hierarchy of angel beings, the archangels were the bosses of the guardian angels, the spirit guides and loved ones who have died and on occasion appear to family members.

The archangels, according to angel-ologists, (people who study angels) were charged with the protection of people and nations. Also, each had a specific name that could be used to call them for help.

But there are special occasions when an archangel will use its special powers to help individual humans who are in times of emergency need and help. 

Usually archangels serve very specific purposes and roles in both heaven and on earth. But there are times and connections with angels that would indicate that archangels can also act as guardian angels for certain persons.

The Archangels serve according to the specific will of God. Archangels serve God in the Heavens and on Earth, and their missions are often closely connected with helping everyday people in times of need. Their presence has been documented in many of the world’s religions.

The Names and Jobs of the Seven Archangels

Names and jobs of seven archangels

The names of the seven archangels are:







Remiel (also called Uriel in various traditions). 

But there is no uniform agreement as to how many archangels there really are.

Please understand that there is also disagreement as to which of the archangels are the 7 main archangels. As I grow in my wisdom of the archangels my understanding will undoubtedly grow and change.

If you search the sacred writings, history books and legends there are stories of anywhere from 7 to 22 archangels.

Archangels as the name suggests sit at the top of the angel hierarchy in the spiritual places.

Each archangel has a special job. Each one has specific areas of focus and can be called upon at any time for assistance. The Archangels do not tire and can be in more than one place at a time. Remember that all the angels do not follow our earthy laws of space and time.

The seven archangels like us to call on them for help. And when we call upon them and call them by name we acknowledge their presence and work.

The Seven Archangel Names and Their Jobs

1- Gabriel is thought to be the leader of all the angels. He announced to the world the Good News of Christ and it is believed he is the angel who delivered the Koran to the prophet Mohammad. For more details about archangel Gabriel, go here to my blog post.

2-Raphael is the angle healer. He helps sick people and individuals with grave illnesses. This spiritual host has been tasked with the healing of humankind on every level, but especially for the healing of the physical bodies of all living creatures. For more details about archangel Raphael, the healer go here to this blog post.

3-Michael on the other hand is often known as the warrior heavenly being. He defends the heavens from demons. He has a military cloak on and has a profile that is symmetrically perfect. He is the Great Defender of all that is good. He can be called upon for strength and courage, as well as protection. For more details about Michael go here to this blog post.

4-Uriel is the divine pillar of solitary strength. Archangel Uriel assists folks with feelings of loneliness, which may threaten to overwhelm everyone from time to time.

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5-Raguel is the peacekeeper and unifier. This Archangel is tasked with the role of peacemaker for those on Earth and in Heaven. Archangel Raguel has the unique position of maintaining balance and harmony for all life both earthly and heavenly.

6-Ariel is the archangel of animals and the natural world. Ariel is most often depicted as a female. Her job is to protect the earth and the ecosystems. Archangel works closely with Raphael. But Ariel heals injured animals.

7-Azrael is the seventh archangel. His task may sound scary, because he is the angel of death. But Azrael is the angel who helps all people through the gates of death into heaven’s eternity. He also helps newly crossed over souls adjust to the place and space of what Christians call heaven.

They May Be More Than Seven Sacred Higher Beings

More Than Seven Sacred Higher Beings

Some other angels you may have heard of that some believe are likewise archangels are Sandalphon, Zadkiel, Jophiel, Raziel, Ramiel, Metatron, Jerahmeel, Sariel, Zerachiel, Camael, Seraphiel, and Haniel.

The Roman Catholic Church believes there are only three archangels. And they are Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. (Click on the name for a detailed post).

It is important when thinking about these spiritual beings to know the difference between angels and archangels. Angels and archangels are spoken of and written about in almost all religions and spiritual beliefs.

Both the angel and archangel are part of religious beliefs and teachings. This might stem from the belief that humanity on earth needs help with living faithful lives.

What Is An Angel and Archangel?


What is an angel? An angel is a messenger. And what is an archangel? An Archangel is the chief messenger or a higher messenger, who is above the angel. But while above the angel or the guardian angel the archangel can function as a guardian if the Divine wishes and so instructs.

Amanda Ross in her book called "7 Day Prayer Miracle" states that angels are spiritual beings and do not operate under the laws of physics and the physical world.  Angels are not bound by time and space and physical dimensions.

Angels like quantum particles can exists in more than one place at a time. 

Amanda tells her story of how she met the archangel Michael and he shared a four sentence prayer of the prophet Daniel with her that saved her life literally and spiritually.

You can learn more about this 4 sentence prayer and watch her story by clicking on the image below.

7 day prayer miracle archangel michael

A study released in the United Kingdom back in 2002 revealed that based on interviews of 350 respondents who claimed to have had an experience with angels, have described a experiences with angels, ranging from visions, messages, sense of touch to convey a sign or warning from a potentially dangerous situation, making their presence felt and a score of others.

A more recent study conducted in the United States where 1,700 people have been surveyed and at least 55 percent of them, including those who claimed to be without practicing any form of religion, believe that they are being protected by a guardian angel.

Another study also indicate that 68 percent of the American public believes that demons and angels are active in the world.

Of course the belief of the existence of angels and archangels is a matter of faith. And since most folks never see a physical angel, since they are entirely spiritual and not visible, the matter of angels is purely a statement of faith as is all religious views and practices.

Here is an interesting thought and view about angels and archangels:  Angles must never be mistaken for spirit guides, since the presence of angels are tasked not to run people’s lives, but only do what they’re sent to do, as messengers, and just observe in the background, which supports the belief that humankind is graced with free will and interference to it should only be limited to guidance and protection, though not directly inferred nor alluded to. 

It is believed that angels and archangels do step directly into human affairs when a person's life is threatened or in danger. This was my experience I am told at my birth when archangel Raphael stepped into the delivery room and saved my infant life.

Check out  my "about" page (blue link) for my story about my guardian angel whom is also an archangel.


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Learn about the 7 main Archangels and their jobs. Do you know what Archangels actually do and who they are?

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The Seven Archangels and Their Jobs: Understanding The Angels
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The Seven Archangels and Their Jobs: Understanding The Angels
Let's think about the seven archangels and their jobs.  They all have names and interesting jobs in the heavenly and earthly places.
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