What are angels made of

What Are Angels Made Of: Truth Or Opinion About Angels?

What are angels made of is a question many folks ask. I believe since we are physical beings, with our five senses, taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing we naturally like angels to be just like us.


We want angels to be physical like us. Then we can better understand them. Because we know what we are like and how our bodies function. 

But nowhere in scripture or poetry or other firsthand accounts is the teaching that angels are just like humanity.

In fact, the Bible describes God’s messengers as “spirit.” In the New Testament. In Hebrews 1:14 the bible describes angels as “ministering spirits.”

Heavenly Beings From Spiritual Stuff

Angels are ethereal and mysterious compared to flesh-and-blood human beings. Unlike people, angels don’t have physical bodies. So they appear in a variety of ways. 

There are stories and witnessed accounts of angels appearing with wings.  Angels also appear as beings of light. The winged angels are the most common rendering of angels.

Angels are Created

Since angels are spiritual and not physical beings they are not bound by our physics and physical laws.  Angels have an essence. They are created beings.  God the ultimate creator fashioned angels.  

Are Angels Like Us Physically?

The faithful believe that angels are spiritual beings and do not possess the physical nature or limits as humans.  Angels appear in more than one place at any given time. 

We trust in the air we breathe even though we do not see the molecules before we breathe. Therefore, believing in angels is easier than you might think. 

Angels are illuminated from within when they appear on Earth, and many people believe that angels are made out of light or work within it when they visit Earth. 

The Bible says "angel of light" in 2 Corinthians 11:4. Muslim  tradition declares that God made angels out of light; the Sahih Muslim Hadith quotes the prophet Muhammad as saying: 

"The Angels were born out of light…". New Age believers say that angels work within different electromagnetic energy frequencies that correspond to seven different light color rays. 

Saint Thomas Aquinas declares in "Summa Theologica:" "The angels are incorruptible substances. They cannot die, decay, break up, or be substantially changed. 

God’s angels lived for a long time, even before our physical reality was created.

The Bible tells us that the angels witnessed  the creation of the world, which indicates they were created long before that great event. 

God asked Job, “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation … and all the angels shouted for joy?” (Job 38:4,7).

Feed Your Curiosity About What Are Angels Made Of?

If you inclined now to know more about angels and their kinds, you will find lots of resources that can help you with your quest. Here are some tips that you can follow if you want to know more about these spiritual beings known as angels, specifically your own guardian angel.

Angel Tips

1. You can always check the Internet to read about this topic. There are many articles that you will be able to find that can help enlighten you about their origins, the prayers that you must do to call them and a lot more information that will prove to be useful on your goal to know more about them.

2. While browsing the web, you can always check personal blogs for stories that people who have any experience in this regard share though these venues. You can learn and be easily convinced about the topic if you will be able to read stories related by those who have personal experiences regarding the topic.

3. It is also recommended to talk to people who have recently survived tragic accidents or serious medical conditions. You can ask them about how it is like to almost die and the factors that made them come back to life and what helped them in the process. You will find out that most of them will attribute their survival to angels and other spiritual beings which they cannot place specific names to.

4. There are also printed materials that present wide range of topics about the matter. The information on these materials comes from extensive research of the authors. The latter are just like you, they were curious and so they asked. They were not contented with interviewing various people so they dug further to prove the points that they want to raise up with regards to the topic.


Angels Protect Us

The concept of angels is to protect the people that God assigned them to perform such tasks to. They report back to God how these people have been and offer prayers to help them with whatever they are currently undergoing to in life.

Your guardian angels protect you and guide you to the right path. You will have better chances of hearing them out if you will be more open to the idea and find it in your heart to believe that they are always with you wherever you may go.

I hope this article helps you with your question, What Are angels Made Of?

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What Are Angels Made Of: Truth Or Opinion About Angels?
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What Are Angels Made Of: Truth Or Opinion About Angels?
What are angels made of? Since we are physical beings, with our five senses; taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing we expect angels to be physical too.
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