what are earth angels purpose

What Are Earth Angels Purpose?

Guardian angels or Earth Angels have a distinct purpose. For you to really understand earth angles or as I like to call them Guardian Angels, it is important to understand their purpose and why God created and uses His angelic beings to promote His plan for the world.


Have You Ever Wondered What Are Earth Angels Purpose?

Angels have two purposes,

  • one purpose in heaven in their relationship with God the Creator
  • and a separate purpose with us on earth.

Lets first understand the purpose of the angels in heaven.

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Angels have one main role or purpose in heaven, that is in the presence of God. They are always present with God to worship God and honor God. The Bible describes the role of angels in heaven in Revelation 4:8.  “Each of the four living creatures had six wings, and their bodies were covered with eyes. Day and night they never stopped singing, ‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord,the all-powerful God, who was and is and is coming!’” (Contemporary English Version)

It is thought by theologians that some angels were created by God for just this express purpose and only for this one purpose. In Revelation 7:11-12 we read of the angels worshipping God. “The angels who stood around the throne knelt in front of it with their faces to the ground. The elders and the four living creatures knelt there with them. Then they all worshiped God 12 and said, ‘Amen! Praise, glory, wisdom, thanks, honor, power, and strength belong to our God forever and ever! Amen!’” (Contemporary English Version).

While it is clear from the biblical evidence that angels are created to worship God, let us turn to the 2nd important understanding of the earth angels’ purpose. This purpose relates clearly to you and your faith.

What Is the Earth Angels Purpose – What do Angels Do On Earth?


It is crucial to understand what the word “angel” means. The word angel is a Greek word angelos which is translated to mean messenger. The key role of angels on earth are to be messengers who bring God’s word and message to us.

John McArthur in his book “The Glory of Heaven” states clearly the purpose of angels on earth. “Whenever angels do appear to people in Scripture, it is in the role of a messenger. In fact, ‘messenger’ is the primary meaning of the Greek word angelos. So, the angels provide a sort of heavenly messenger service, and we get glimpses of this throughout Scripture. The angel who appeared to Mary at the Annunciation identified himself: ‘I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God; and am sent to speak unto thee’ (Luke 1:19). On this particular occasion, perhaps because of the sacred importance of the message, the highest-ranking archangel from the very presence of God was sent to Mary to deliver the word.

Earth angels speak and guide us on behalf of God who is always seeking to speak to us and touch us with a message of faith, hope and love. God’s messages come to God’s people in many ways and forms and God will use all things to help us listen, hear and obey. The angels are one key tool that God uses.

Are You Listening For Your Angel?

A key for you to benefit from earth angels or as I call them guardian angels is for you to look for and tune into the messages that are conveyed by the angels. Angels are around you every second of the day, but too much of the time we fail to recognize and listen to the words of God’s messengers.

I am sure that you have been visited by angels and not even realized it. The Bible book of Hebrews 13:2 speaks to us this truth. “Be sure to welcome strangers into your home. By doing this, some people have welcomed angels as guests, without even knowing it.” (Contemporary English Version)

Guardian angels do many things on earth for us, one of which is to bring us messages from God. Angelic beings also come to us to guide us in God’s purpose and plan for our lives.  Guardian angels come to us to protect us from danger and troubles. The archangel Michael told Daniel in the Old Testament in Daniel 12:1 “Michael, the chief of the angels, is the protector of your people, and he will come at a time of terrible suffering, the worst in all of history. And your people who have their names written in The Book will be protected.” (Contemporary English version)

Here are some more Bible verses that describe what angels on earth do to help us and guide us.

  1. Protection for God’s children: Psalm 91:11-12 “God will command his angels to protect you wherever you go. 12 They will carry you in their arms, and you won’t hurt your feet on the stones.” (Contemporary English Versions)
  2. Ministers to Our Needs: Hebrews 1:14 “Angels are merely spirits sent to serve people who are going to be saved.” (Contemporary English Versions)
  3. Gives Us Guidance: Exodus 23:20 “I am sending an angel to protect you and to lead you into the land I have ready for you.” (Contemporary English Version)
  4. Angelic Beings Hold Back destruction: Revelation 7:1-3 “After this I saw four angels. Each one was standing on one of the earth’s four corners. The angels held back the four winds, so that no wind would blow on the earth or on the sea or on any tree. These angels had also been given the power to harm the earth and the sea. Then I saw another angel come up from where the sun rises in the east, and he was ready to put the mark of the living God on people. He shouted to the four angels, “Don’t harm the earth or the sea or any tree! Wait until I have marked the foreheads of the servants of our God.” (Contemporary English Version)

Connecting To Your Angel Is a Matter of Faith

Of course, in all matters of spiritual understanding and growth, especially in angels, the teachings about angelic beings and earth angels requires you to exercise faith and trust in spiritual truths, the biblical witness and the experience of guardian angels. If you have not heard from your guardian angel or are wondering if God has an angelic message for you then what is most required is the desire to believe in the presence of angels and the effort to listen and learn and follow the messages that come to us from God through His angles.

Tell God in your prayers that you want to get to know your guardian angel. Ask God to guide you to connect with your angel. Look every day for sings of your angel’s presence.

Resources For More Angel Insights.

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All about angels: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angel

What Are Earth Angels Purpose - What Does Your Angel Do?
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What Are Earth Angels Purpose? What do they do? Guardian angels or Earth Angels have a distinct purpose. Read on to learn more about your angel.
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