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When God Sends You An Angel: Does God Have A Message For Me?

When God sends you an angel, is God trying to say something to you? Does the Bible speak the truth about angels? What is God saying to you through the angels?


As you develop a connection with your angels, they can help you get through a very difficult time in your life. You may be having stress and strain with your professional, social, financial or physical life. Are there things going on that bug you? Angels can help you with these problems.

Angels also come as messengers to guide us, encourage us and even protect us form danger that may lead to our death or serious injury.

Angels as messengers, the word "angel" means messenger seek to help us figure out God's will and plan for our lives. Have you ever asked, "Does God have a message for me?"

God Has a Plan For Our Lives

angel light for dark times like COVID 19

Understand that when God sends you an angel he sends it to you for a reason.

My angel story began at my birth when I almost died during delivery. I weighed only 2 pounds at birth and my mother said I was very blue at birth. 

A spiritual guide who channeled angel messages said that God sent me an angel that day of my birth to usher me into life and protect me from death so that I could fulfill God's mission for my life.

I've been seeking all my life to understand and live out the truth that God has a message and a plan for me.

God has a message for you too and God speaks to you in the Bible and other spiritual texts and God sends an angel and even archangels to get your attention and help you believe.

Generally speaking, building a solid personal relationship with your angel can help you achieve a better, happier and more fulfilled life.

God's Message For You

Angels are primarily messengers or the voices for God for people. The term "Guardian Angel" in the title itself states that angels can come to you to guard you, protect you and guide you throughout your life.

God's main message in your guardian angle is that your life is lovable and worth it to God. God has an abundant plan for your life. (John 10:10) "I've come that you might have life in all its abundance. -words of Jesus Christ

But you are free to explore and follow that plan or ignore it and refuse to listen to God and his angels.

Sometimes when we feel confused or lost in our search for meaning and purpose, we are actually looking in the wrong places. God gives us guardian angels and angelic messages along with the sacred word to guide us in  the directions that lead to fulfillment and peace.

Angel Book

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Angels are not only messengers and the executor’s of God’s will. They are believed to provide guidance and protection over humans which is why they are also called guardian angels. Testimonials show that angels would come and help those who would feel to be trapped in problems in life.

If you ever feel trapped, try to look inside your heart rather than always searching for some physical answer. The inner spiritual search can lead to a deeper closeness with God through His angel messages.

Are you feeling stressed and strained? It is time you sought to connect with your angel.

How To Maintain Your Angel Connection

Maintaining an angel connection could help you gain balance in your life and encourages better relationship with your family, environment and other people.

This would encourage positive thinking and eventually lead to positive outcomes! Conflicts would seen to be less frequent and easier to deal with. Lesser stress could mean health and mental improvement.

Try This 

1-As soon as you wake up in the morning, name three things to God for which you are grateful and thankful.

2-Before you go to sleep, close your eyes and ask your angel, by name if you know their name, to guide you, protect you and help you sleep and even learn as you sleep.

Connecting with your angels can help you feel how lucky and abundant your life is. This can help you with material, physical and spiritual growth. 

Some would say that by talking with their angels, they were able to get jobs that they really love. Miracles can also happen. There are stories of terminally ill patients who have recovered from their sickness.  

Angels can communicate with us in many different ways. Sometimes, they would drop little coincidences and symbols on our daily lives. We just need to be alert and conscious about the different signs and symbols that surround us.

Some Angel Signs

if you notice white feathers floating down near you, this is an angel sign.  Beams of sunlight can signify angels. Finding repeating occurrences like certain numbers or finding the same coins.

Seeing shapes in the clouds or experiencing friends or even strangers say just the right words to you to help you exactly when you need the help the most can be an angel sign.

Ask God to make his angels visible to you and to open your eyes to see the signs of angels around you.

When God Sends You an Angel Say Thank You

It is so easy most of the time for us to be frustrated and crabby at the world and even the people closest to us. So, acting thankful and grateful is a sign to God that you are growing in your faith and eager to experience your angel.

when god sends you an angel

Keep Learning and Growing

Life is a journey of inner growth and discovery. You will never reach a place in your life when you have it all figured out. Learn more and more about the angels everyday. Be brave to ask your questions about the angels. 

Ask God to reveal your own personal guardian angle. Then trust that God will answer your request. 

I have a very personal story and journey about my Guardian Angel. If you want to read about my early experience, Go Here.

Connect With Your Angel


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When God Sends You An Angel: Does God Have A Message For Me?
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When God Sends You An Angel: Does God Have A Message For Me?
When God sends you an angel is God trying to say something to you? Does the Bible speak the truth about angels? What is God saying to me through the angels?
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